Learning For Purpose Self-Learning Driving for Handicapped: Things You Need to Know Before Learning to Drive

Driving for Handicapped: Things You Need to Know Before Learning to Drive

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Do you have a disability that makes driving difficult? You’re not alone! Many people with disabilities find driving challenging. But driving doesn’t need to be hard for you, as long as you take some steps before learning to drive.

Take a Driver’s Test

Every person who wishes to obtain a driver’s license must successfully complete both the written and driving test. The written exam can be accompanied by an instructor-led course, but this is not required. Once you have completed your written test, you receive a learner’s permit so that you are able to practice in preparation for when it comes time for the actual road exam later on!

Have Special Modifications

In order to be issued a driver’s license, you must show the licensing authority that not only do you know how to drive safely with your hands on the wheel and feet firmly planted (both of which can’t happen if your steering wheel hand controls are obstructed by an airbag) but also that it doesn’t matter what kind of obstructions or hindrances get in your way.

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This means special steering wheel hand controls, including throttle, braking, signaling and steering should all have their own easily accessible set-ups–just like those found inside most passenger cars. If you need custom-made mobility hand controls, contact Independence Automotive. They focused on supplying the Australian public with quality driver mobility and mobility vehicle adaptions.

Pass Road Test

For those in the disabled community, there is a whole world of rules to follow. Once you have shown your car has the required handicap driving modifications made to it, you can take the driving test which if passed will allow for an actual driver’s license and not just one specially designed for those with disabilities. There are other requirements as well such so that others on or near busy roads know about any possible obstacles ahead since these drivers might be going slower than their counterparts due to illness or disability-related mobility issues like blindness and limited speech abilities.

Requirements for Taking Disabled Driving Lessons

The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle is 16-years-old

The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle is 16-years-old, but those who have an official document that states they are disabled can start learning before the legal limit. Remember that all new drivers must take professional driving lessons with someone qualified in order to get their license. Disabled drivers should look for instructors well versed on how they work and what needs them specifically because it’s not always easy being different from everyone else!

Your Vehicle Must Be Modified to Accommodate Your Disability

In most cases, it is highly recommended that the driver go to a professional mechanic before purchasing their vehicle. All necessary changes are made so that the car will fit the needs of whoever drives it and comply with federal laws for vehicles on environmental regulations.

Pass the Theory and Practical Test

You may be entitled to a discounted or free theory test, depending on your disability. The practical part of the driving license exam is administered by professionals who specialize in disabled drivers, and are always available for any assistance you might need during their training sessions.

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