Learning For Purpose Self-Learning Videography Tips for Beginners: How to Learn and Develop Your Future Career

Videography Tips for Beginners: How to Learn and Develop Your Future Career

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If videography is something you are interested in starting a career in, it can be tough to know where to start. It’s easier than ever for videographers with the advent of smartphones and DSLRs that shoot video, but there is still so much information out there about videography techniques and equipment. In this blog post, I will give some videographer tips.

Videographer’s responsibility

The videographer’s responsibility is to tell a story visually. If videography just comes second nature, you will be able to make the most of your footage and create an intentional composition every time. Think about what you want your audience to feel when they view this piece from beginning to end before getting started with recording anything on camera.

Videographers typically work with videographers and cinematographers. Cinematographers are the videographer’s partner, meaning they shoot footage that is later edited by videographers. Videography equipment these days has become more affordable which makes it easier for videographers to get started with a camera like a DSLR or iPhone.

Videography Tips for Beginners

Know your desired outcome

Videography is not about capturing a moment in time, but rather crafting it. Capturing something on camera should be an intentional decision and the videographer needs to know what they want their audience to feel or see before shooting anything. This means knowing your desired outcome with every frame of footage you shoot.

You don’t need to buy an expensive equipment for now

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There are various types of videography techniques such as shooting from a tripod, on-the-go videography (shooting hands-free), and videography with stabilization equipment, but it doesn’t mean you need to need this equipment right now. Make sure first that a Videography career is the one you want to pursue before buying expensive equipment.

Plan your video content

To plan your content, know your goal, your audience, and what you want them to learn or feel after watching the content. You can plan your video by pre-scripting, storyboarding, videomapping etc.

After completing these steps, be sure to have a clear idea of how you are going to edit it as well and use this information accordingly for capturing footage on camera that matches with your videography goals.

Pick the right background

The videographer’s job is to make sure that the audience can see the subject of their videography, but they need to think about what else will be seen in the frame which is why choosing an appropriate color or texture for your videography background makes a difference.

Avoid using the mic of your camera

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The audio of your video is just as important as the videography. You should not use the mic of your camera because it will sound terrible and you don’t want this to distract from what is being said. Don’t forget about capturing good audio! Use a separate recorder for better quality, or try using videography techniques such as video mapping or videography with stabilization equipment to avoid the need for separate audio capture.

Try not to get too close to your subject

If you want a subject in focus and don’t want them cropped by furniture, people, signs, other objects etc., then try filming from an above angle that gives more space around the person.

Learn videography techniques in order to improve your videographer skills

There are so many videography techniques that will help you improve your videographic craftsmanship and storytelling abilities. These include filming from a tripod, on-the-go videography (shooting hands-free), understanding videomapping, using stabilization equipment, creating an intentional videography composition, and using videography equipment.

No matter what kind of video you end up with don’t hide it from the world. Show your videography skill to the world, get more videography gigs, and learn from your experiences. Meanwhile, you can check out Ottico Lab to learn some videography tips that make your videos look more professional.

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